Tips for a successful shoot!


Groom your pet beforehand.


Everyone feels better with a good hair day!

  • We ALL look better when we're having a good hair day and your pet is no different!  Give them a reason to wave their virtual peacock feathers (or tail).
  • We also suggest "dressing your pet" in a solid color collar and leash!
  • Prints can distract from their adorable faces.
  • If you're having a family shoot, try to coordinate your outfits with your pets!

Arrive Early

  • Give your pet a chance to get used to the location, sniff around, get used to the smells, etc. 
  • This will ensure that they are more cooperative DURING the shoot!

Be Prepared

  • While I will have treats on hand, if your pet is a particularly finicky snacker or suffers from allergies I suggest you bring his or her favorite treat! 
  • I do not supply props for photos so if you'd like to use a prop in a shoot please feel free to bring one! 

There is NO way you will get my dog to pay attention! How will you EVER get a good shot? 

Actually the fact that you're asking this means that your pet will probably behave!  It's when we rave about how perfect our babies are that they tend to act up! 

Like all things, this hold's true for both our human and 4 legged children! 

When will I get my photos? And how will they be delivered?

Your photos will be delivered to you via... approximately (enter time) after your shoot)

Can I purchase products?  


Absolutely! Once you receive your digital images via your online gallery, you'll have the option to buy prints, canvases or any number of physical products to help you proudly display your 4 legged darling!

Do you offer mini-sessions?

I do not offer mini-sessions! This is a common question, so here's the deal: Mini-sessions mean  a photographer is going to pack as many pets into one place as possible so they can take quick turns, get a few pics and move on to the next.  What this means for you is that there are lines of other pets distracting yours - and we simply don't think that's conducive to a successful shoot or pleasant experience for either you or your pet!

How do I prepare my animal?

Please! Arrive EARLY at the designated location so your pet has time to sniff around and get use to all the new smells.

Should I bring treats for my pet?

I have treats on hand but if your pet is a particularly finnicky snacker or suffers from allergies I suggest you bring his or her favorite treat! 

Have a question I didn't cover here?

Shoot me a message at! 


Remember: All pets can have a successful shoot! Its up to you, as the owner, to help prepare them!